Searl Armchair

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Suitability: Indoor

  • High density Soft Pile Foam
  • Weight Rating 120kg
  • GreenGuard Gold certified

Commercial Warranty: 5 years

Indicative price range (ex gst): $600+

Lead time:

Venue use:

Accommodation, Bar, Office, and Waiting Room

Width: 720 mm

Depth: 580 mm

Seat Height: 450 mm

Total Height: 805 mm

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Searl Armchair Description

The Searl Armchair, the perfect seating solution for your commercial space! Designed to provide exceptional comfort and durability, this armchair is ideal for occasional use in your commercial setting.

The Searl Armchair features high-density soft pile foam, ensuring that your customers and guests will experience optimum comfort during their stay. Whether they're waiting in a lobby, relaxing in a lounge area, or enjoying a coffee break, this armchair promises a luxurious and inviting seating experience.

With a weight rating of 120kg, the Searl Armchair is engineered to withstand frequent use in commercial environments without compromising its quality. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable addition to your space.

CustomiSe the Searl Armchair to complement your commercial decor perfectly. Choose from two base options, either the four-star swivel base or solid timber base, based on your needs and design preferences. Create a cohesive and stylish ambiance with this versatile seating option.

The Searl Armchair is GreenGuard Gold certified, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and indoor air quality. This certification ensures low chemical emissions, contributing to a healthier environment for your guests and staff.

Elevate your commercial space with the Searl Armchair and offer your patrons a comfortable and inviting seating solution. Whether it's in a waiting area, lounge, or reception, this armchair will add a touch of sophistication and comfort to your establishment, leaving a lasting impression on your valued customers. Choose the Searl Armchair for your commercial space and provide a seating experience that stands out with style and durability.