Josie Lens


Josie brings a wealth of experience garnered from her extensive tenure as a manager and trainer with prestigious luxury brands like Chanel and Estee Lauder.

In 2009, Josie embarked on a new journey alongside her husband, Harold, at Concept Collections.  Here, she initiated her studies in Interior Design, a passion she ardently pursued.  Her blend of sales acumen and interior design expertise equips her with a unique ability to craft innovative solutions for our clients while staying attuned to the latest design trends.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Josie's heart belongs to her seven cherished grandchildren.  She finds immense joy in creating special memories with them.  Josie is a social butterfly, always eager to hit the dance floor at any gathering.  During her leisure moments, she revels in long walks and the simple pleasure of getting lost in the pages of a good book.

In October 2022, Josie embarked on a well-deserved retirement, bringing her illustrious career to a close while carrying with her the legacy of her accomplishments and dedication to the industry.