Jasmine Low Stool



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Suitability: Indoor & Outdoor

  • Black & White Cross Weave Pattern
  • UV-Stable synthetic Flat Braided Rattan seat
  • Black and White Cross-Weave Pattern
  • Cane-look Aluminium frame

Commercial Warranty: 3 months for clearance items

Indicative price range (ex gst): $100 - $200

Lead time: Regularly Stocked Item (0-3 weeks, subject to availability)

Venue use:

Bar, Cafe, Hotel, and Restaurant

Width: 350 mm

Depth: 350 mm

Seat Height: 460 mm

Total Height: 460 mm


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Jasmine Low Stool Description

Introducing the Jasmine Low Stool, a stylish and versatile seating option inspired by the timeless charm of Parisian café furniture. Crafted with attention to detail, this low stool combines a UV-stable synthetic flat braided rattan seat with a lightweight aluminium frame that mimics the classic cane look. Let's explore the exceptional features of the Jasmine Low Stool:

The UV-stable synthetic flat braided rattan seat of the Jasmine Low Stool not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures long-lasting durability. Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, this material retains its vibrant color and structural integrity even under prolonged sun exposure. Enjoy the beauty and functionality of the Jasmine Low Stool without worrying about fading or deterioration.

Featuring a lightweight aluminium frame with a cane-look finish, the Jasmine Low Stool embodies the charm of Parisian café furniture. The frame provides strength and stability while exuding a classic and nostalgic appeal. Its lightweight nature allows for easy maneuverability and rearrangement, making it a practical choice for various settings.

Thanks to its stackable design, the Jasmine Low Stool offers efficient storage and space management. When not in use, multiple stools can be conveniently stacked up to 6 high, saving valuable floor space. This feature is particularly beneficial for establishments with limited storage or those that require flexibility in seating arrangements.

Designed at dining height, the Jasmine Low Stool provides comfortable seating for dining areas, whether indoors or outdoors. It is perfectly suited for cafes, bistros, restaurants, and other hospitality venues where a relaxed and casual seating experience is desired. Your guests will appreciate the comfortable and stylish ambiance created by these low stools.

Embrace the Parisian café atmosphere with the Jasmine Low Stool's UV-stable synthetic flat braided rattan seat, lightweight aluminium frame, stackable design, and dining height suitability. Elevate your dining spaces with this charming and versatile stool that captures the essence of European café culture. Whether it's a sidewalk terrace, a cozy bistro, or a trendy eatery, the Jasmine Low Stool adds a touch of elegance and comfort to any setting.