Ilario Cricelli

Sales Manager

Starting his career at Concept Collections in 2015, Ilario has formed and maintained wonderful relationships with many respected hoteliers and restaurant owners across Australia. Over the years, his expertise levels have led him to complete remarkable transformations across various projects, and he has recently been appointed as the Sales Manager.

Equipped with a bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture since 2013, Ilario demonstrates a genuine passion for design that drives his work. He skilfully balances design briefs and budgets, bringing clients' dreams to life. Whether collaborating with design firms or working independently, Ilario excels at analysing needs and providing tailored recommendations that optimise returns on investment.

Ilario goes beyond professional accomplishments, valuing the personal connections he builds with clients. Alongside his professionalism and honesty, he brings a friendly demeanour and a good sense of humour to create enjoyable experiences.
Beyond his career, Ilario cherishes moments with loved ones. Whether exploring culinary delights or relishing cosy evenings at home with a glass of red wine, he appreciates life's simple pleasures. Currently engrossed in building his second property and having recently completed renovations at his family home, Ilario embraces exciting endeavours.