Filip Folding Table Base

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Suitability: Indoor & Outdoor

  • Anti-rust aluminium
  • Flip-Top Folding Mechanism
  • Stackable
  • Counter-weighted for added stability
  • Adjustable foot glides

Commercial Warranty: 12 months

Indicative price range (ex gst): $100 - $200

Lead time: Regularly Stocked Item (0-3 weeks, subject to availability)

Venue Use:

Bar, Cafe, Food Court, Hotel, and Restaurant

  • 520w x 520d x 730h
  • 800x800

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Filip Folding Table Base Description

Introducing the Filip Folding Table Base, the ultimate solution for versatile and space-efficient dining setups. Crafted from durable aluminium, this folding table base combines functionality with a sleek design. Let's explore the exceptional features that make the Filip Folding Table Base an ideal choice for restaurants, cafes, and pubs.

Built to last, the Filip Folding Table Base is constructed from high-quality aluminium, ensuring durability and longevity. Its sturdy build provides a reliable foundation for various table top sizes and weights, making it suitable for a range of dining environments.

Stability is key, and the Filip Folding Table Base comes equipped with a counter weight to ensure steady support. This feature ensures that your table remains secure and wobble-free, even during lively dining experiences. Enjoy peace of mind as you provide a stable and comfortable setting for your guests.

Storage convenience is a top priority, and the Filip Folding Table Base excels in this aspect. The table top folding mechanism allows for effortless storage when not in use. Simply fold the table top down, and the base can be easily stored in compact spaces, saving you valuable room in your establishment.

Efficiency is maximised with the Filip Folding Table Base's stackable design. Multiple bases can be stacked into each other during storage, further optimising space utilization. This feature is particularly valuable for venues with limited storage capacity, ensuring easy organization and minimising clutter.

Flexibility is paramount, and the Filip Folding Table Base offers adjustable glides. These glides allow you to level the table on uneven surfaces, ensuring stability and a seamless dining experience. Create a comfortable environment for your guests, regardless of the flooring or terrain.

Customization options abound with the Filip Folding Table Base. It is available in both classic black and white finishes, blending effortlessly with any interior design. Additionally, we offer custom powder-coating, allowing you to choose a color that perfectly matches your establishment's aesthetic. Add a touch of personalization and create a unique atmosphere that reflects your brand.

The Filip Folding Table Base is the ideal choice for restaurants, cafes, and pubs. Its durability, folding mechanism for easy storage, stackable design, adjustable glides, and customization options make it a versatile and practical solution for various dining spaces.

Invest in the Filip Folding Table Base today and elevate your dining area with its exceptional functionality and stylish design. Create a welcoming and efficient space for your guests while optimising storage and maximising flexibility. With the Filip Folding Table Base, you can provide a seamless dining experience that caters to the unique needs of your establishment.