Agate Armchair

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Suitability: Outdoor

  • Designed By Thomas Sauvage
  • Mesh back and seat
  • Made of Steel with cataphoresis treatment
  • 130kg weight rating

Commercial Warranty: 2 years

Indicative price range (ex gst): $200 - $300

Lead time: Regularly Stocked Item (0-3 weeks, subject to availability)

Venue use:

Bar, Cafe, Hotel, and Restaurant

Width: 590 mm

Depth: 560 mm

Seat Height: 450 mm

Total Height: 820 mm


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Agate Armchair Decsription 

Designed by Thomas Savage, our Agate Armchair brings together sleek design and unrivaled comfort to elevate your outdoor experience. Whether you're lounging on your patio, enjoying your garden, or soaking up the sun by the pool, the Agate Armchair is the ultimate choice for relaxation.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this outdoor armchair boasts a unique mesh back and a meticulously moulded seat. The mesh back provides optimal airflow, ensuring you stay cool even on the hottest days. Meanwhile, the thoughtfully designed moulded seat offers exceptional support and cosiness, making it the ideal spot for hours of unwinding.

Durability meets style with the Agate Armchair. Constructed from high-quality steel and treated with cataphoresis, this armchair is built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors while retaining its chic appearance. The cataphoresis treatment adds an extra layer of protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring your armchair remains as stunning as the day you first set it up.

With a weight rating of up to 130kg, the Agate Armchair welcomes guests of various sizes, promising a comfortable and worry-free seating experience. 

Upgrade your outdoor space with the Agate Armchair and embrace the beauty of nature while indulging in luxurious comfort. It's time to redefine relaxation – order your Agate Armchair today and create a haven of serenity in your own backyard.