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After dedicating decades to the Hairdressing Industry as a stylist and later in sales for a national wholesaler, Harold Lens, our Company Founder/Principal, established his own business in 2006. Initially trading as Concept Salon Supplies, providing furniture and equipment to the hair and beauty industry, the business later evolved into Concept Collections when Harold seized an opportunity to supply commercial furniture to Adelaide's hospitality market. Despite lacking experience in the hospitality industry, Harold relied on his networking skills to connect with a new customer demographic.

Over 17 years, Harold and his team fostered partnerships with prominent importers, manufacturers, and suppliers, while collaborating with associations such as AHASA, Restaurant & Catering, and Clubs SA. Today, Concept Collections stands as one of Australia's most respected suppliers and importers of commercial furniture to the hospitality industry.

Outside of work, Harold and his wife Josie balance their professional and social lives alongside the joys of their seven grandchildren. In his downtime, Harold finds enjoyment and relaxation in taking a playful gamble on various activities.



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After completing a bachelor's degree in Marketing, Shannon joined Concept Collections in 2008. During his tenure, he has played a crucial role in expanding the business from a two-person operation to our current team of staff.

Shannon contributed to building the brand through the development of marketing materials and engaging with industry associations. Today, he manages the staff and overall operations, including the importing program and product development.

In his personal life, Shannon enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He actively participates in the Broadview Football Club, where he holds the position of Junior President, supporting his son's involvement in the club. His weekly indulgence is a game of indoor soccer with his social team.


Sales Manager

Starting his career at Concept Collections in 2015, Ilario has formed and maintained wonderful relationships with many respected hoteliers and restaurant owners across Australia. Over the years, his expertise levels have led him to complete remarkable transformations across various projects, and he has recently been appointed as the Sales Manager.

Equipped with a Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture since 2013, Ilario demonstrates a genuine passion for design that drives his work. He skilfully balances design briefs and budgets, bringing clients' dreams to life. Whether collaborating with design firms or working independently, Ilario excels at analysing needs and providing tailored recommendations that optimize returns on investment.

Ilario goes beyond professional accomplishments, valuing the personal connections he builds with clients. Alongside his professionalism and honesty, he brings a friendly demeanour and a good sense of humour to create enjoyable experiences.
Beyond his career, Ilario cherishes moments with loved ones. Whether exploring culinary delights or relishing cosy evenings at home with a glass of red wine, he appreciates life's simple pleasures. Currently engrossed in building his second property and having recently completed renovations at his family home, Ilario embraces exciting endeavours.


Furniture Specialist

Karen joined Concept Collections in September 2022 as a design furniture specialist, transitioning from a residential interiors background. With a passion for design and expertise in color, pattern design, and textiles, she previously worked at an Australian fashion label before studying Interior Decoration and Building Design.

She gained valuable experience in high-end furniture manufacturing with an Australian timber manufacturer and then worked for a renowned furniture brand in Australia, followed by an international furniture manufacturer in Italy. Throughout her career, Karen collaborated closely with clients and designers, ensuring their satisfaction by selecting suitable pieces, colors, fabrics, and finishes.

Karen values building strong client relationships through honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her dog, and cherishes her friendships. She also has a passion for becoming a Kinesiology Practitioner and enjoys exploring natural modalities, music, new venues, and outdoor activities. Karen feels grateful for the opportunity to work for a family-owned business in Adelaide and live in Australia.


Admin & Marketing

Jodie is a dedicated professional who embarked on her career in 2013 and has since excelled at various levels within the business. With a background in interior design, Jodie possesses an innate eye for style and a passion for creating visually stunning spaces. Her ability to collaborate effectively with the design team has resulted in successful projects and satisfied clients.

Beyond her professional achievements, Jodie's role as a devoted grandma holds a special place in her heart. She treasures her family and cherishes the time spent with her loved ones. Jodie's love for her family is evident in her unwavering support and the joy she finds in their presence.

In her leisure time, Jodie delights in spending moments at the beach, embracing the serenity and tranquillity it offers. She also knows how to let loose and have a good boogie, bringing energy and enthusiasm to any occasion.

With her unique combination of skills, dedication, and vibrant passions, Jodie is an invaluable asset to any team. Her ability to bring creativity, collaboration, and a love for family and life make her a valuable contributor to our organisation.


Admin & Logistics

Megan is a logistics pro who started working at Concept Collections in January 2022. With her extensive background in this field, Megan excels at coordinating all aspects of deliveries and effectively communicating with clients to keep them informed about the status of their orders. Her commitment to ensuring timely deliveries is evident as she diligently processes orders and ensures that delivery timeframes are met with precision.

As a devoted mother of two and a loving wife, Megan's weekends are dedicated to spending quality time with her family, cherishing every moment with them. Beyond her family life, Megan finds joy in tending to her mini farm and garden, embracing her passion for nurturing and cultivating nature.

Megan's dedication makes her a valuable asset in Concept Collections


Warehouse & Installations

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Warehouse & Installations

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