Discover the Latest Sustainable Materials for Eco-Friendly Restaurant Furniture

Oct 09, 2023

In an era where sustainability is a growing concern, incorporating eco-friendly practices in your restaurant extends beyond just the food you serve. Choosing sustainable materials for your restaurant furniture can make a significant impact on reducing environmental footprint while showcasing your commitment to a greener future. In this article, we will explore the latest sustainable materials that are being used to create eco-friendly restaurant furniture, allowing you to make environmentally conscious choices for your establishment.

Our Suppliers

At Concept Collections, we understand the importance of eco-friendly products. That's why we prioritise sustainability by exclusively offering a wide range of eco-friendly furniture. Our suppliers, NARDI, S•CAB, and Buro, provide us with eco-friendly products. Buro is committed to minimising their environmental impact and maximising positive contributions to the environment. Nardi aims to provide high-quality, safe products with low environmental impact. They use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to identify critical aspects of a product's life cycle and make improvements for reducing raw materials and waste, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing material recyclability. S•CAB supplies us with FSC® Certified Wood, Regenerated plastic, non-toxic Nautical rope, and Sustainable textile. These factors were important in choosing our suppliers.

Recyclable Materials

Our furniture is made from recyclable materials sourced from sustainable resources. We prioritise the use of recycled materials as they are environmentally friendly and help conserve raw materials. One of our suppliers, S•CAB, has introduced the GO GREEN collection, which showcases furniture made from certified regenerated plastic (PCR). This PCR material is obtained through the processing and regeneration of end-of-life products such as plastic bottles, food packaging, and waste from recycling and industrial production residues.


In conclusion, at Concept Collections, we prioritise sustainability by offering a wide range of eco-friendly furniture. Our suppliers, including NARDI, S•CAB, and Buro, share our commitment to minimizing environmental impact and maximizing positive contributions. By choosing recyclable materials and incorporating sustainable practices, you can showcase your dedication to a greener future while creating a stylish and eco-conscious restaurant space.

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